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Hailed by Rolling Stone as “the world’s greatest unknown band,” The Good Rats from Long Island reached wide acclaim in the mid-70’s as club favorites and Warner Brothers recording artists. Following the 1974 release of their best-known TASTY LP, the Rats performed at such venues as Madison Square Garden and the Nassau Coliseum. Drummer Joe Franco left the band to join Twisted Sister and founder/songwriter/vocalist Peppi Marchello passed away in 2013.

Now Good Rats’ original guitarist Mickey Marchello has joined multi-instrumentalist Izzy Meth in a special tribute to his brother Peppi. Wildwood Productions has released “Let’s Have Another Beer,” an extraordinary Peppi Marchello composition about mid-life and melancholy.

“I loved my brother and really miss him,” says Mickey. “It’s hard to believe he’s been gone this long. The Good Rats were something special—that’s why there’s still so many fans decades after we stopped playing and recording.”

“I grew up listening to the Good Rats and was privileged to see Peppi play when I was very young,” says Izzy Meth, who arranged the new recording. “I wanted to salute this great songwriter and ‘Let’s Have Another Beer’ was the perfect way to do that.”

“Let’s Have Another Beer” can be heard on Apple iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music.

Wildwood Productions, LLC is an independent record label and audio-visual production and distribution company headquartered in New York.